Research Guidelines

The Guidelines on Research, Innovation and Commercialisation Management coincides with the transformation agenda to strengthen the innovation ecosystem at UNIMAS to become a comprehensive university that is nationally and internationally competent. The production of this guideline book is to realize our desire in improving and strengthening the governance of research, innovation and commercialisation activities in UNIMAS.
 This guideline booklet provides information and guidance to researchers and research administrators at their respective Faculty, Institute and Responsibility Centres level in implementing and monitoring their research, innovation and commercialisation activities.

MOHE Research Grants Guidelines

Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) Guidelines

Research Grant Vots and Terms of Reference



Terms of Reference

Vote 11000
(Wages / Salaries and GRA Allowance)
Salaries / Wages for Graduate Research Assistants (GRA) directly involved with research only.
  • Minimum appointment period is not less than twelve (12) months. (Refer to Appendix 3: Appointment of Graduate Research Assistant)
  • Monthly wages / salaries including EPF and Socso payments are as follows:
    1. PhD students (maximum RM2,300); and
    2. MSc Students (maximum RM1800).
  • Transfer of allocations is allowed only if the number of human capital has achieved its KPI and the transfer does not exceed fifty percent (50%) of the original vot allocation.
  • The allocations transfer is allowed only in the second year and above of the project implementation.
Vote 21000
(Travel and Transportation)
Travel for field work and attending conferences / seminars / workshops in and outside the country.
  • Not exceeding 40% of the total grant.
  • Claims using personal transportation are based on mileage only.
  • Petrol claims are only considered for those using official UNIMAS transportation only.
  • Travel is permitted for the purpose of fieldwork, sample collection and other research related activities only.
  • Attendng conferences / workshops / seminars are allowed for oral presentation only.
  • Travel costs should be economically-based in terms of facilities, expertise and technology transfer.
  • Eligibility for hotels and other allowances while performing duties outside the office is as outlined in the UNIMAS Financial Rules.
  • Transfer in this Vote is not recommended except for the purpose of data collection / fieldwork, followed by strong justification.
Vote 24300 (Rent)
For equipment, transportation, buildings and goods directly involved with research.
Transfer of allocation is allowed if it is directly related to the research project.
Vote 27000
(Research Supplies and Materials)
Raw materials and research-related materials only.
  • Comprises of the purchase of supplies of consumables (including animals, trees and seeds) and research materials including small equipment and supplies.
  • Transfer of allocation is allowed if it is directly related to the research project.
Vote 28000
(Maintenance and Modification)
  • Research-related renovations and minor modifications
  • Maintenance of existing equipment is also allowed
  • Expenses for minor repairs and modifications to buildings, laboratories, equipment or other research-related items are allowed from this vote.
  • The cost of maintaining existing equipment during the project is allowed. After the project is completed this maintenance cost will no longer be borne by the grant
  • Transfer of allocation is allowed if it is directly related to the research project.
Vote 29000
(Professional Services)
This vote is limited to professional services that co-researchers cannot fulfill.
  • Payment of honorarium to Principal Investigator or Co-Researcher is not allowed.
  • Honororium to the Enumerator / Field Work Assistant is at a reasonable fee rate and based on the assignment. The payment of honorarium is only paid in one lump sum after the confirmation of the completed work according to the research activities
  • Payment for authorized services such as printing, consulting, expert services, language editing, bank charges, software license renewal and sample analysis fees.
  • Payments for special services allowed such as costs and conference fees, workshops, publication fees and others.
Vote 35000
(Accessoris and Equipment)
Purchase of special equipment and accessories (including upgrading existing equipent) related to the research project.
  • Not exceeding 40% of the total grant.
  • Only allowed if approved and stated in the approved proposal paper with justification and three (3) quotations for each piece of equipment.
  • Purchase of assets is not allowed within six (6) months from the original expiration date.
  • It is not allowed to buy communication equipment and ICT hardware such as workstations, laptops, iPads, mobile phones or printers.