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The Research, Innovation and Enterprise Centre (RIEC) is a dynamic department that functions as the central point of research, innovation and commercialisation activities. RIEC is responsible for the implementation of UNIMAS research and innovation ecosystem, incorporating knowledge exchange, grant management, strategic partnership, intellectual property, technology transfer and the commercialisation of research outputs.

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UTeM delegate visit to InnoTech Hub

The Innovation Technology Hub welcomed delegates from Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM), including the Vice Chancellor YBhg Prof Ts. Dr Massila Kamalrudin, as a part of their visit to Universiti Malaysia Sarawak.

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InnoTech Hub Welcomes Industry Visit

The InnoTech Hub welcomed delegates from JBALB on 12 August 2022 for the factory acceptance test for the water filtration system and membrane system.

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99 Tadpole species in one new Field guide

Important, yet often neglected: Tadpoles play a critical role in the ecology of aquatic habitats. On 279 pages, a new book presents descriptions for 99 species from the southeast Asian island of Borneo, covering all species commonly found, as well as representatives of the more cryptic ones. LIB-scientist Alexander Haas and his team of international collaborators worked over 20 years on its completion and just released “A Guide to the Tadpoles of Borneo”.
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First ever picture of long lost rainbow toad

Scientists are elated after the surprise rediscovery of a wildly-colored frog not seen for 87 years and never before photographed—until now.

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