Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE)

The Ministry of Higher Education offers SIX (6) research grants to encourage the innovation of concepts and ideas among Malaysian researchers.

Types of MOHE Grants offered

Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS)
Research foundation to encourage researchers to produce new theories, concepts and ideas for knowledge development.

Maximum : RM250,000.00
Duration : Maximum 3 Years 
Closing Date : 16th March 2022

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Call for Application of the Public-Private Research Network 2.0 for year 2023 - Phase 1/2023

PPRN is an innovative initiative of the Ministry of Higher Education to promote demand -based innovation programs in driving increased productivity and strengthening Malaysia's economic development.

PPRN has three objectives, namely:
  1. Strengthen public -private networking through providing solutions from HEIs and PRIs to industry;
  2. Increase productivity through innovation or appropriate technology; and
  3. Encourage the participation of researchers to provide solutions based on industry demand

Click on the link to apply

Malaysian Rubber Council (MRC)

The MRC Industry Linkage Fund is a funding programme to promote collaboration between the Malaysian rubber products industry and universities/research institutions on research projects that will contribute to the development of rubber industry in Malaysia in the following areas:

a) Increase exports of rubber products and domestic consumption of rubber products produced in Malaysia;
b) Increase consumption of rubber (raw and waste/reclaimed) in new products development; or
c) Facilitate the manufacturing process of rubber products.

Learn more about the Malaysian Rubber Council (MRC).

Download MRC ILF Brochure

Download MRC ILF Guidelines

Call for Application of the SG Academics South-East Asia Fellowship (SASEAF) Programme

The application deadline for the SG Academies South-East Asia Fellowship (SASEAF) has been extended to 31 Jan 2023. Postgraduate researchers from ASEAN Member States (AMS) are eligible to apply for this program. AMS fellows will go to Singapore research institutions for two years. Fellows will also receive a monthly stipend from $4000 to $6500. Moreover, they will access multiple professional development opportunities, including events, seminars, and training programs within the host institutions, NRF, and the three Singapore academies.

Further inquiries regarding the programme can be posed directly to the SNAS administrator

Announcement of Malaysia Toray Science Foundation Year 2023 Programme

Malaysia Toray Science Foundation  (MTSF) is inviting researchers to submit for grants and award for MTSF year 2023 program. The awards and grants available which are relevant to our researchers are as follows:

1. MTSF Science & Technology Award (STA) - to recognize Malaysian scientists for their outstanding achievements and accomplishments.

2. MTSF Science & Technology Research Grant (STRG) - to provide financial assistance to deserving young Malaysian researchers, below 40 years of age, to undertake basic research at local universities/institutions

Interested researchers may visit https://www.mtsf.org/ for further information

PETRONAS-Academia Collaboration Dialogue 2023 (PACD 2023) Calling for Submission

The focus technologies for the funding are Hydrogen, CCUS, advanced materials, subsea factory, renewables, fluid technology solutions, speciality chemical, shape memory technology, In-situ smart mining for REE, compact fusion reactor, renewable oil, circular economy and gold hydrogen.  

Please feel free to contact the Petronas person in charge


Please submit the documents via email to UNIMAS Innovation, attention to AP Dr Charles Bong before 20th December 2022. Please copy the Deans/Directors/DD (Research & Commercialisation) in your email submission to UNIMAS Innovation.

The Hamish Ogston Foundation

The Hamish Ogston Foundation has announced £350,000 of funding for 70 Platinum Jubilee Grants for early career health professionals hoping to pursue scientific research projects in Tropical Medicine and Global Health throughout the Commonwealth.

 The scheme will be administered by prestigious research institutions including The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) and the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (RSTMH) and will complement existing global health initiatives which are helping to build a vital health infrastructure in developing countries and improve the lives of thousands.

Discover more health initiatives from the Hamish Ogston Foundation

Sarawak Research Development Council (SRDC) Funding

The SRDC Grant Scheme aims to encourage high-quality research in Sarawak through competitive funding and stringent performance monitoring.

The general criteria to be eligible for the grant are as below:
  • Research in Science and Technology (excluding digital and ICT)
  • All research and development institutions/agencies in Sarawak are eligible to apply
  • Research activities must be located in Sarawak
  • Sarawakian and non-Sarawakian researchers, based in Sarawak
  • CSR/community engagement type projects are not eligible
  • Focused and output-driven research, with clear outcomes.

Information on the latest news and announcement may be obtained from the SRDC official website: