Intellectual Property (IP) is the result of tangible forms resulting from human thought, including but not limited to ideas, inventions, designs, computer programs, and databases.

Intellectual Property Protection (IPP) means protecting any IP produced. This protection can be registered for national and international protection. IPP is regulated under Malaysian Law to enable IP owners to exercise exclusive control over any exploitation of such ownership rights.

UNIMAS Innovation will implement all IPP processes after receiving the protection application with product information from UNIMAS staff and carry out screening, filling and registration measures.

Types of Intellectual Property

Type of IP
A patent is an exclusive right granted for a new invention whether it is in the form of a product or a process. A patent will be awarded when a product or process meets the following characteristics: 

1. Novelty;
2. Inventiveness; and
3. Industrial application.

The protection of a patent is for a period of twenty (20) years from the date of filing.

Copyright is the exclusive right granted by law for a certain period of time to the creators of a work to control their work. A work is automatically protected without any registration requirements once it meets the following conditions:


  1. Adequate efforts have been made to make the work original;
  2. The work has been written, recorded or materialized;
  3. A creator is a qualified person; and
  4. The work has been made in Malaysia or the first publication of the work is in Malaysia.


Works that are eligible for intellectual property protection are such as literary works, musical works, works of art, films, sound recordings, broadcasts and published works.

i. Literary Works, Musical Works or Artwork

Copyright in any literary, musical or artistic work exists during the life of the creator and shall continue to exist until the expiration of fifty (50) years after his death.

 ii. Movies, Sound Recordings and Actors

The copyright shall exist for fifty (50) years from the time the work is published and the provision made for the film work and sound recording. For the performer, the copyright must exist from the time the performance is completed or the setting on the sound recording.

 iii. Broadcast

The broadcast copyright protection occurs in the way of transmission either via wired or wireless and a period of fifty (50) years shall be calculated from when the broadcast was first made.


Trademarks are stamps used for the purpose of showing the relationship between goods/services and the registered owner/user of the trademark in business dealings. Trademarks can consist of words, logos, pictures, names, letters, numbers or combinations of these elements.

Trademarks can be registered:

  1. to obtain exclusive rights over the use of such trademarks in every trade transaction/journey; and
  2. the registration certificate will be proof of the validity of the trademark title.

Each registration is valid for a period of ten (10) years from the date of registration and renewal of registration can be made every ten (10) years.

Industrial Design

Industrial design is the overall external appearance of a product or item. It is defined as a feature of the shape, configuration, pattern or decoration used on an item through any industrial process or method, i.e. the feature present on the finished item, has an interesting feature and is evaluated with the naked eye.


It can be registered to get exclusive rights provided it must be new and never disclosed to the public anywhere in Malaysia. Coverage will be provided for five (5) years from the date of filing and may be extended up to a maximum period of fifteen (15) years.